The decision to separate from a relationship or divorce a spouse is one that nobody makes lightly. Not only are there serious emotional issues to consider but you may find yourself with complex legal and financial questions. Finding a Denver Area Divorce Attorney you can trust may seem daunting. Every relationship is different. Some couples wish to split amicably and are able to agree on parenting time and property division. Others are highly contentious and able to agree on few, if any matters.

While there is no completely formulaic way to end a marriage, Colorado Statues provide a strong guideline. Our Littleton Divorce Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to understand how those guidelines may apply to your case.

Questions to Consider when Dealing with Divorce

We can help answer some of your tough legal and financial questions, like:

  • How does the process work from beginning to end?
  • What is the difference between separation and divorce?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are my deadlines?
  • How long will it take to get divorced?
  • How does the court decide who has custody of the children?
  • Will I owe child support?
  • Will I own spousal support?
  • How does the court decide how to divide our assets and debts?
  • Will I have to give part of my retirement to my spouse?
  • What if we need to file bankruptcy?