Marcus Flinders, Tax Law

Marcus Flinders, Tax Law

Few experiences in life can be more terrifying than a dispute with the IRS. Whether you’re a business or individual, our experienced Littleton Tax Controversy Attorneys can help to settle your tax debts, stop IRS collection actions and fight for you during an audit.

Settle Your Tax Debts

If you’re facing insurmountable tax debts, don’t assume your life is over. You might be surprised to learn that the IRS is frequently willing to settle tax liabilities for much less than you owe and will also allow convenient payment plans for those who can afford to pay only a small amount over time. We can advise you on your options, prepare an offer in compromise to settle your debt or negotiate a payment plan that works for your situation. Everyone can get out of the hole of IRS debt, they just need the help of knowledgeable Tax Attorneys.

Stop IRS Collections Actions

The IRS has broad powers as a creditor to collect on your tax debts, including liens on your home, vehicles, bank accounts, etc. One poorly timed IRS levy on your bank account can ruin your finances for years. Fortunately, there are many ways to pause or stop IRS collections actions. For some people the IRS may be willing to give you “currently not collectible” status, meaning they will stop all collections activity because it’s not worth their time to try and collect from you. For others, the IRS may have overstated your tax debts and must be battled to protect your rights. Our Littleton Tax Attorneys can review your situation and determine whether you have options for ending IRS collections.

Tax Law Consulting

Don’t have tax problems yet but worried about a particular transaction or business plan? The biggest cause we see of tax problems is people simply not realizing the consequences of their actions, particularly with small businesses. Don’t get sucked into the tax code’s traps! Our talented Littleton Tax Lawyers can advise you on how to run a business or complete a particular transaction in the most tax advantageous way. We can also help you with day to day matters such as structuring rental property transactions, making estimated tax payments and classifying workers as employees or independent contractors.

Only Pay the Taxes You Owe

Often the IRS over estimates the tax liability of businesses and individuals, especially when you haven’t filed a tax return. Unfortunately, many people just accept the IRS’s claims about liabilities. If the IRS is claiming you owe taxes that you don’t believe are correct, call us now to speak with one of our skilled Littleton Tax Lawyers about your rights. If the IRS has overstated your tax liability we will fight to make sure your rights are preserved and to force the IRS to comply with the tax law. Schedule your free consultation with Flinlaw today.